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👮🚨 Priority #1
Investors are the most important thing each project can have and that is why safety is a fundamental aspect for us and something we must ensure as much as possible in each of the projects launched at DeFi Launch
How are we going to do to guarantee security?
  • The project must be audited by one of our verified companies.
  • We lock liquidity for 12 months
  • We require each project launched at DeFi Launch to perform a KYC (Know Your Customer) by one of our verified entities.
  • We demand a good marketing plan and RoadMap for the next few months.
If likewise, after all these prevention and security methods, the developers manage to rug pull, the compensation plan will be immediately activated:
20% of the funds raised during the pre-sale will be kept in BUSD for 6 months to be used as a compensation plan. In case everything runs its normal course, the 20% is returned to the owners of the project.
This compensation plan will be available only for those who participated in the pre-sale. Pre-sale is always the best opportunity to be part of a project! 💪